The term rugs are often used interchangeably with carpets mainly because most people cannot distinguish between the two. This is because in some countries both words are the same, and have no difference, where as in other countries they are two completely different terms. Carpet is a type of floor covering that is usually (fitted) wall-to-wall, whereas a rug is a type of floor covering that covers only a small area or a specific area. Usually, any piece of floor covering that is less than 40 square feet is considered, and anything above that is considered a carpet.

Advantages of a rug

  • Can be removed easily and used in other areas
  • Comes in many colours, patterns, styles, qualities and textures
  • Multi-use, e.g. wall, floor, bed etc.
  • Easy to clean and maintain

We at Glamour Carpets specialise in handmade Turkish rugs in many different patterns, colours and qualities to meet your needs. Whether you need a high quality traditional rug for your living room to go with the rest of your furniture or a soft-touch shag pile grey rug for your bedroom to go with your bed and dressing table, we have it all. We at Glamour Carpets pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

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